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Item IDLocationDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
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Main Warehouse Packing Strip w/Idoform 1/4" x 5yd12/csDynarex Corporation1
DYNX 3522
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Main Warehouse WND Close, Steri-Strip 1/4 X 1 1/5Wound Closure Strips, Sterile 1/4 X 1.5 6/pouchDynarex Corporation1
GERI NON256125
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Main Warehouse Packing Strip w/Iodoform 1/2x5YD 12ea/CA Guaze Packing Strip....12ea/CAMedline Industries INC1
GERI NON256145
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Main Warehouse Packing Strip w/Iodoform 1/4x5YD 12ea/CA Gauze w/Iodoform....12ea/CAMedline Industries INC1
GERI NON250318
Main Warehouse Wound Close Strip Ster 1/8"x3" 50/bx•Adhesive wound closures with an exceptionally porous spun-bond fiber backing, includes bilateral nylon filaments for high tensile strength.
•The hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive affords excellent adhesion while being gentle to the skin.
Medline Industries INC1



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