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Item IDLocationDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
PALM 1063094
Main Warehouse Wipe, Santi-Hands PDI (Blue) 135/tuAntimicrobial Alcohol GEL Hand Wipes With GEL That Kills 99.99% OF Germs. 135/tu 12tb/CS (P13472)Optimal1
PALM 1063068
Main Warehouse Wipe, Sani-Hands ALC (D43600) 100/bx Antimicrobial Alcohol Hand Wipes With GEL That Kills 99.99% OF Germs. 100/BX 10bx/CSOptimal1
PALM H58195
Main Warehouse Wipe, Sani-Cloth Blch Ind. Wrap. 40/BX Germicide Wipe, Large Individual Packets, 5x7" Disposable.... 40/BX 10BX/caOptimal1
DRIT 00238
Main Warehouse Disinfectant, Whirlbath LemonDisinfectant/Cleanser. ONE Step Cleanser. Will Help Control Cross Infection IN Tubs, Whirlpools, Shower Chairs AND Commodes.Kleen GAL 4/CSDermarite Industries LLC1
DEES PG-30250
Main Warehouse Disinfectant, Comet w/Bleach 1gal 3/caDillution is 60 qts. per case 1gal 3/caDees Paper Company INC1
DEES LG-CL041772
Main Warehouse Orange Pine Sole 144oz3/CSDees Paper Company INC1
Main Warehouse Disinfectant,Comet Bathroom Cleaner 3/ca Hospital Grade Disinfectant. Removes Soap Scum, body oils, etc. from tubs, showers, toilets and sinks. Yields 60 quarts. 128/oz 3/caDees Paper Company INC1
Main Warehouse Disinfectant, Spic & Span 1gal 2/ca Hospital Grade Disinfectant, Safe for glass, plexi glass, walls, doors, desks, chrome, plastice, etc. 3-1 Cleaner. Dillution is 120 qts for 1 case 1gal 2/caDees Paper Company INC1
PALM P013600
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Main Warehouse Sani-Bracket Deluxe Floor StandMulti-Canister eachOptimal1



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