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Item IDDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
Skin Barrier 2" W/Floating 2-PieceHollister Centerpointlock Hollihesive Flat Skin Barrier - CUT-TO-FIT IS A Discreet Pouch With THE Patented Centerpointlock AN Exclusive Feature That Assures A Secure Attachment OF THE Pouch TO THE Skin Barrier. 5/bx (A4414)Mercy Surgial Dressing1
MRCY 14604
Skin Barrier W/Floating Flange 2-3/4"Hollister CUT-TO-FIT Flextend Skin Barrier With Floating Flange. 5/BX (A4409)Mercy Surgial Dressing1
MRCY 14803
Skin Barrier,w/ Convex Flextend 1-1/2"Hollister NEW Image CUT-TO-FIT Convex Flextend Skin Barrier With Tape AND Floating Flange Eliminates Pressure ON Tender Post Operative Abdomens With THE Exclusive Floating Flange. 1-1/2 Opening, 5/bx (A4407)Mercy Surgial Dressing1
CONV 413182
Skin Barrier Pre-Cut 1-3/4" Flange 10/bxSur-Fit Natura Durahesive 1-1/8" Pre-Cut Skin Barrier, Convex, 1-3/4" Flange, 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" 10/bx (A4407)Convatec1
CONV 413166
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Skin Barrier, Sur-Fit Natura 1-3/4"10/bxup to 1-1/4", Cut-to-fit, 1-3/4" flange, Tape collar, 4"x4"...10/bxConvatec1
CONV 413167
2-Pc Skin Barrier 2-1/4" 10/bxSur-fit Natura Two-piece Durahesive Skin Barrier, 5x5, 2 1/4, With Tape, TanConvatec1
CONV 413179
Skin Barrier w/ Convex1-3/4"Flange 10/bxDurahesive w/Convex-It, Tape-Collar Pre-Cut Natura....10/bxConvatec1
MRCY HO15604
Skin Barrier 2-Pc. Up to 2-1/4"" 5/bxHollister New Image Flextend Up to 2-1/4" Cut-to-fit Flat Skin Barrier, 2-3/4" Flange, Blue.....5/bx (A4410)Mercy Surgial Dressing1
CONV 125264
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Skin Barrier Sur-Fit 1-3/4" 10/bxStomahesive, Up to 1-1/4" Cut-to-fit, Tan, Tape, Collar 10/BXConvatec1
Skin Barrier,2-Pc.Cut-to-fit 1-3/4" 5/bxHollister CenterPoint Lock Up to 1", 1-3/4" Flange, Green...5/bxMercy Surgial Dressing1
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