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Item IDLocationDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
HOLL 3726
Main Warehouse Wafer,Barrier 4floating FlangHollister Centerpointlock CUT-TO-FIT Flexwear Flat Skin Barrier With Floating Flange Protects Skin From Corrosive Drainage With THE Flexwear Skin Barrier. IT Eliminates Pressure ON Tender Post Operative Abdomens With THE Exclusive Floating Flange. BX/5Hollister Inc.1
HOLL 3706
Main Warehouse Skin Barrier 2-Pc. 3-1/4" CPL 5/bxCenterpointlock Hollihesive Flat Skin Barrier CUT-TO-FIT Pouch, Assures A Secure Attachment OF THE Pouch TO THE Skin Barrier. 5/BX (A4415)Hollister Inc.1



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