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Item IDLocationDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
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Main Warehouse Call Cord W/ Locking SwitchAmerican Electronic1
HDSP 184502
Main Warehouse Clean Remote ea*** 10 or more $15.00 ea Universal Big Button Clean RemoteĀ® - TV Only - One Touch Setup - No Codes Required - Works With 250 TV Brands (Hospitality, Healthcare And Consumer TVs) - Scientifically Tested To Carry 99% Less Bacteria Than All Other RemotesHD Supply1
AMES 86220810
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Main Warehouse Wire, Trunk. 4PR 22ga SHD 1000ft.RLAmerican Electronic1
CARL 15318
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Main Warehouse Bathroom PullNHR-7AAmerican Electronic1
CARL 15214
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Main Warehouse Dual Patient StationNH-2SA/AAmerican Electronic1
CARL 35306
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Main Warehouse Dual Bulb Corridor Lamp NHR-4ANHR-4AAmerican Electronic1
CARL 15213
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Main Warehouse Single Patient StationNH-1SA/AAmerican Electronic1
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Main Warehouse Power SupplyEAAmerican Electronic1
PHIL 1900509
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Main Warehouse Pull Cord - Surface Mount StandardPhilips Lifeline1
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Main Warehouse 50 Call Master Station for Nurse CallThe NHX-50M Master Station is the central point
of the CommuniCare system, able to receive
two levels of calls and communicate with up to
50 room stations.
American Electronic1
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