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Item IDLocationDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
ARRW P-800300
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Main Warehouse Protech Flex Monitor eachProtech® Flex Alarm
Our Flex Alarm easily attaches to your nurse call system and is compatible with universal chair and bed sensors and our floor mat sensor.
Arrowhead Healthcare Supply1
ARRW P-800100
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Main Warehouse Personal AlarmArrowhead Healthcare Supply1
ARRW P-105681-08
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Main Warehouse Part: Nurse Call Adapter CableArrowhead Healthcare Supply1
ARRW P-106256
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Main Warehouse Nurse Call SplitterArrowhead Healthcare Supply1
ARRW P-106722
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Main Warehouse Floor Mat, 22"x39", Gray w/Sensor Protech Weight-Sensing Pad for Floor. Can be used at the bedside or in a doorway to alert caregivers of resident activities.Arrowhead Healthcare Supply1
ARRW P-800102
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Main Warehouse Part: Magnet Assembly Replacement 5/pkReplacement Clip & String for the Protech Monitor 5/pkArrowhead Healthcare Supply1



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