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Item IDDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
KEND 47802
Trach Tray w/Peroxide & Saline 24ea/CA Argyle Tracheostomy Care Tray. Includes: trach sponge, Nitrile gloves, 2 pks. hydrogen peroxide, Drape, Ster. Saline .....24ea/CA (A4629)Covidien1
KEND 47800
Trach Care Tray, Standard 20ea/CAArgyle Tracheostomy Care Tray. Includes: 2-Nitrile Gloves, Trach Brush, Drape, 36" Twill Tape, 2-Cotton Tipped Applicators, 2-Pipe Cleaners, Gze Sponge........20ea/CACovidien1
DYNX 5501
Trach Mask Disp AdultAdult Trach Mask, NO Tubing. 50ea/CSDynarex Corporation1
Trach Mask Disp AdultDisposable Adult Tracheostomy Mask. 50ea/CSMedline Industries INC1
HUDS 1742
Drain BAG Disp Trach MistAerosol Drainage System. Disposable Drainage BAG With WYE Adaptor Accepts Standard 22-MM ID Corrugated Tubing, 750-CC BAG Capacity. 50ea/CSTeleflex Medical1
KEND 42201
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Trach Care Tray w/Gloves 20ea/CAArgyle Tracheostomy Care Tray. Contains: Blue Nitrile gloves, CSR Wrap, Solution Basin, 6" Nylon Trach Tube Brush,4x4 Gauze Sponge, Pipe Cleaners, 4x4 dressings, 30" Twill Tape, Cotton-Tip Applicators 20ea/CACovidien1
NURS 2740
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Trach Tube Holder 10/bxTube securing device 10/bx 10bx/CANurse Assist INC1
Inner Cannula, Trach Tube size 8 10/bx Mallinckrodt Disposable Inner Cannula (DIC) With Integral Snap-Lock Connector; Individually Sterilized size 8. 10/bxCovidien1
Inner Cannula for Trach Tube SZ 6 10/bxSnap-Lock Connector, Individually Sterile Packaged FOR Patient Protection. SZ 6. Non-FenestratedCovidien1
Trach Tube, Sz.8 Cuffless w/ In.CannulaCuffless Trach Tube w/Reusable Inner Cannula Size 8, 81mm Lth., Inner Cannula w/Twist-Lock Connector, Latex-Free...1/bxCovidien1
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