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Item IDDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
MAJR 000414
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Antacid, MI-Acid 12oz (Mylanta)(Mylanta)Major Pharmaceuticals Harvard1
MAJR 016150
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Antacid, Ranitidine 75mg 60/bx016075 ZantacMajor Pharmaceuticals Harvard1
MAJR 078816
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Antacid, Milk OF Magnesia Orginal 16oz(Phillips MO)Major Pharmaceuticals Harvard1
MAJR 552987
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Antacid, Heartburn Relief (Pepcid)Pepcid AC Chewable 10mg 30/BXMajor Pharmaceuticals Harvard1
MAJR 125892
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Antacid, Tabs Flavors 500mg (Tums) 150/BTMajor Pharmaceuticals Harvard1
MAJR 000514
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Antacid, MI-Acid Maximum Strth(Mylanta II)Major Pharmaceuticals Harvard1
MAJR 078914
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Antacid, Milk OF Magnesia 12oz(Phillips MO) MintMajor Pharmaceuticals Harvard1
MAJR 000214
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Antacid, Mintox Mint 12oz(Maalox)Major Pharmaceuticals Harvard1
MAJR 078814
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Antacid, Milk OF Magnesia 12oz(Phillips MO) OriginalMajor Pharmaceuticals Harvard1
MAJR 131309
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Antacid, Bismatrol 8OZ(Pepto-Bismol)Major Pharmaceuticals Harvard1
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