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Item IDLocationDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
KEND 775659
Main Warehouse Spike Set Safety Screw Plus 30ea/CS Enteral Delivery System Feed Pump Sets Spike Piercing for Kangaroo E Pump. 30ea/CS (B4035)Cardinal Health Medical Products & Servi1
KEND 775100
Main Warehouse Spike & Flush Set Safety ScrewFor E pump, Safty Plus, 1000 mL 30ea/CS (B4035)Cardinal Health Medical Products & Servi1
KEND 773656
Main Warehouse Pump Set 1000m: EpumpKangaroo Epump Set Anti-Free Flow 1000 mL. 30ea/CS (B4035)Cardinal Health Medical Products & Servi1
KEND 773662
Main Warehouse Feed Set and 1000mL Flush Set30ea/CACardinal Health Medical Products & Servi1
KEND 774655
Main Warehouse Proximal Spike Set 30ea/CSKangaroo Epump Proximal Spike Set Anti-Free Flow. 30ea/CSCardinal Health Medical Products & Servi1



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