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Item IDDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
KEND 382400-PART A
Kangaroo (Epump) LeaseKangaroo (Epump) Lease. (Part A). EACovidien1
KEND 382400
Kangaroo (Epump) LeaseKangaroo Epump Enteral Feed AND Flush Pump With Pole Clamp Programmable. EA ( Part B ) (B9002RR)Covidien1
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Kangaroo (Epump) Lease Part AKangaroo (Epump) Lease Part APLUSCovidien1
KEND 382491
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Part: AC Power Cord FOr Enteral PumpKangaroo Epump Power Cord. EachCovidien1
KEND 383400
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Joey Enteral PumpCovidien1
KEND 383491
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Kang Joey Power Cord w/AdapterCovidien1
KEND 770025
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Kang Joey Black Mini BackpackCovidien1
KEND 770031
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Kang Joey Black Super Mini BacCovidien1



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