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Item IDLocationDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
Main Warehouse Sharps Container 5QT REDSharpsafety, Room Sharps Container Counterbalance Lid, Transparent RED 5 Quart. (Use to Refill #85161h) 20ea/CSCovidien1
Main Warehouse Sharps Cont 1QTSharpsafety Sharps Container, Phlebotomy, RED, 1 Quart. 100ea/CSCovidien1
DYNX 4624
Main Warehouse Sharps Cont 5QT Red 20ea/CASharpsafety Safety IN Room Sharps Container Counterbalance LID, Transparent RED 5 Quart. (USE TO Refill #85161h) 20ea/CSDynarex Corporation1
GERI B-D305487
Main Warehouse Sharps Collector 1.4QT1.5 QT BD Nestable Sharps Collector. RED Base, Natural TOP With Dual Access (Shown With Bracket). 36ea/CSMedPlus Services USA1
KEND 31144010
Main Warehouse Sharps Cont 5QT Red, Transparent 30ea/CASharps-A-Gator Sharps Container, Tortuous Path, Transparent RED, 5 Quart. 30ea/CACovidien1
KEND 31143699
Main Warehouse Sharps Cont 1 GAL. Red 32ea/CASharps-A-Gator Sharps Container, Slide Lid, RED, 1 Gallon. 32ea/CACovidien1
KEND 8512-1
Main Warehouse Sharps Cont W/Mailbox LID 5QTSharpsafety IN Room Sharps Container, Mailbox, Clear, 5 Quart, 20ea/CSCovidien1
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Main Warehouse Sharps Cont 1QT Transportable20ea/CACovidien1
GERI B-D305517
Main Warehouse Sharps Cont 5.4QT 5.4 QT BD Next Generation Patient / Exam Room Sharps Collector. RED With Horizontal Entry. Counter Balanced Doors. 20ea/CSMedline Industries INC1
GERI MDS705153
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Main Warehouse Sharps Cont 5QT Red Wall Mount 20ea/CAMedline Industries INC1
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