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Item IDDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
GERI M-A267004
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IV Start Kit with CHG and Tegaderm100ea/CSMedline Industries INC1
ARM Board, IV 3X9 DisposableIV Disposable Armboards, 3X9, 100ea/CSMedline Industries INC1
MRCY BMG415067
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Valve, Safsite w/ Extra Blue CapSAFSITE Valve allows aspiration, injection or gravity flow of fluids. Luer taper operated, normally closed. Includes extra B1000 replacement cap. 0.12mL priming volume. eaMercy Surgial Dressing1
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Set, Secondary Medication Clearlink 10MLSecondary Medication Set, Male Luer Lock Adapter. For use with CLEARLINK System. Hanger for primary solution container is provided. Approximate Length 37" (93 cm), Approximately 10 drops/mL. Contains DEHP, Fluid path is Sterile, nonpyrogenic.Baxter Healthcare1
GERI PT0200235A
Collection TubesInratio Blood Collection Tubes. 100/BGMedline Industries INC1



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