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Item IDLocationDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
KEND 7198
Main Warehouse Absorbent PAD, Ster 8"x10" 18/bxCurity Abdominal PAD, 8" X 10", Sterile. 12bx/CACovidien18
KEND 7196D
Main Warehouse Absorbent PAD, Ster 5X9 36/bxCurity Abdominal PAD, 5" X 9", Sterile. 12bx/CA (A6252)Covidien1
KEND 9194A
Main Warehouse Abdominal Pad, 8"x10" Tendersorb 18/bx Curity Abdominal Pads With WET Proof Barrier, Sterile 18/bx 12bx/CSCovidien1
FRQU PV915/1
Main Warehouse Bladder Control PAD Ultra Plus13" 4 Bags OF 39 (156 CT.)/CSFirst Quality Products1
KEND 1140A
Main Warehouse Bladder Control Pad Extra Plus 96/caSure Care Bladder Control Pads 4" X 12-1/2" (10.2 CM X 25.8 CM), Night-Time Absorbency. 96/caCovidien1
Main Warehouse Bladder Control Pad - Moderate
9.25", 9 Bags OF 20 (180 CT.)
First Quality Products1
FRQU PV916/1
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Main Warehouse Bladder Control PAD Maximum11" 4 bags of 48 192/caFirst Quality Products1
KEND 6598B24
Main Warehouse Incont PAD Wings Insert Night 48/ca Wings Contoured Insert PAD, 14" X 27" Night-Time Absorbency. 24/BG 2BG/caCovidien1
Main Warehouse Bladder Control Pad Moderate Long
11",9 Bags OF 16 (144 CT.)
First Quality Products1
KEND 1042
Main Warehouse Incont Pad, Simplicity Heavy 12x24 96/caSimplicity Insert Pad, 12" X 24" (30.5 CM X 61 CM), Heavy Absorbency. 96/caCovidien1
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