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You searched for: Hot/Cold Packs
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Item IDLocationDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
MAJR 263749
Main Warehouse Cold & HOT Patch (ICY HOT)Cold & HOT Pain Relief Patch, 5/BXSenior Care Pharmacy1
DYNX 4511
Main Warehouse Hot/Cold Pack Instant 4x5Single Squeeze Allows FOR Easy Activation OF Packs, Offering Immediate Relief TO Injured Area. 4X5 Cold Pack. 24/CSDynarex Corporation1
GERI OTC001256
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Main Warehouse Cold & Hot Patch (Icy Hot)Cold & HOT Pain Relief Patch, 5/BXMedline Industries INC1
ALIM 31665
Main Warehouse Hot/Cold Pack 11x14 EachThermalsoft GEL HOT AND Cold Packs. Each.Alimed1
ALIM 31666
Main Warehouse Hot/Cold Pack Half-Size EachThermalsoft GEL HOT AND Cold Packs. Each.Alimed1
ALIM 31667
Main Warehouse Hot/Cold Pack 7x23 EachThermalsoft GEL HOT AND Cold Pack. EachAlimed1
ALIM 31668
Main Warehouse Hot/Cold Pack 11x21 EachThermalsoft GEL HOT AND Cold Packs. EachAlimed1



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