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Item IDLocationDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
Main Warehouse Kit, Glo-Germ Mist Deluxe Mist Deluxe Kit contains: Glo-Germ Mist Spray Canister, 8oz. Mist refill, Glo-Germ Gel/Oil 8oz, Glo-Germ Powder-4oz, Surface Cleaning Detection Gel 2oz, 21 LED UV Flashlight, 3 AAA Batteries all in a hard plastic carry case......ktGlo Germ Company1
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Main Warehouse GloGerm Mist Cannister w/8oz Refill Aerosol free, easy-to-use pump canister for airborne microbe simulation. Spray the simulation microbes right where you want them to demonstrate uncleanly areas. Includes 8 oz. refill. eaGlo Germ Company1
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Main Warehouse GloGerm Gel, 8oz Bottle Used to demonstrate proper handwashing. Glows under UV light.....8oz btGlo Germ Company1
GLOG 1003
Main Warehouse Kit, Glo-Germ Oil w/Flashlight & Powder This kit contains a hand-held 9 LED ultra-violet flashlight with 8oz. bottle of Glo-Germ Oil, 1.9oz. bottle of Glo-Germ Powder, and batteries in a case. ktGlo Germ Company1
GLOG 1006
Main Warehouse Kit, Glo-Germ w/Flashlight-Oil-Powder This kit contains a hand-held 21 LED ultra-Violet Flashlight, 8oz. bottle of Glo-Germ Oil, 1.9oz. bottle of Glo-Germ Powder, 3 batteries in a case......ktGlo Germ Company1
Main Warehouse Kit, Glo-Box w/Gel-Powder-Oil-Foldable Glo-Box Kit contains: 8oz bottle of Glo-Germ Gel, 4oz. Glo-Germ Powder, 21 LED UV Flashlight, batteries included, Fold flat Glo-box, hard plastic carry case.Glo Germ Company1
Main Warehouse Kit, Premium w/Glo-Germ Gel/Powder Premium Mini Kit includes 1003 lamp w/battery, of Glo-Germ Gel, 1.2oz Glo-Germ Powder, Trainers Manual w/Activity sheets. Kit is excellant for handwashing & cross contamination demostrations......ktGlo Germ Company1



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