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Absorbent Pad, Ster 8"x10" 18/bx

Curity Abdominal Pad, 8" X 10", Sterile. 12bx/CA
Item ID: KEND 7198
Manufacturer: Cardinal Health Medical Products & Servi
Manu Part No: 7198D-
Unit Size: 18
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    DYNX 3503
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    Pad, Combine 8"x10" Sterile 24/bx

    Extended Info

    Curity™ abdominal pads consist of three layers: soft outer nonwoven layer, fluff filler for absorbency, and a wet proof barrier to prevent fluid strike-through. All four edges are sealed to prevent lint residue and leaking.


    • Three layer construction with a soft top layer wicks fluid away from the wound; Fluff filler absorbs and disperses fluid throughout the entire pad.
    • Infection protection. Acts as a reservoir to capture exudates, helping to prevent the development of moist pathways that can lead to contamination.
    • Absorbs at least twice as much fluid without strike-through as competitive abdominal pads reducing dressing changes; Utilizes 65% of the pad prior to fluid strike-through versus 10% utilization of competitive pads.
    • All four edges are sealed to prevent lint residue and leaking; help prevent particulate matter from escaping, decreasing the possibility of wound contamination.
    • Wet proof barrier backing retards fluid strike-through; Moisture proof backing protects both the patient and healthcare worker from fluid strike-through.



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