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Item IDDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
HUDS 1885
Mask, Nebulizer W/7 TubingAdult Nebulizer With Mask, Tubing, Connector. 50ea/CSTeleflex Medical1
HUDS 1824
Nasal Cannula W/25ft TubingSoftech Nasal Cannula Provides an Exceptionally Soft Cannula. W/ 25ft Tubing. 25ea/CSTeleflex Medical1
HUDS 1883
Nebulizer W/MouthpieceNebulizer W/7FT. Tubing AND Mouthpiece. 50ea/CSTeleflex Medical1
HUDS 1420
Connector, Oxygen TubingTubing Connector. Couples Oxygen Supply Tubing Using 5- TO 7-MM END Connectors. 50ea/PKTeleflex Medical1
HUDS 003-40
Humid PRE-Filled 340mlAquapak 340ml KIT. 340 ML OF Sterile Water. Includes 000-40 Humidifier Adaptor. 20/CSTeleflex Medical1
HUDS 00640
Humid PRE-Filled 640mlAquapak 650ml KIT. 650 ML OF Sterile Water. Includes 000-40 Humidifier Adaptor. 10/CSTeleflex Medical1
HUDS 005-40
Humid PRE-Filled 540mlAquapak 540ml KIT. 540 ML OF Sterile Water. Includes 000-40 Humidifier Adaptor. 12/CSTeleflex Medical1
HUDS 3230
Humid Disp Empty UP TO 500mlDisposable Humidifier, 500ml. 50ea/CSTeleflex Medical1
HUDS 1770
Nebulizer Large VolumeLarge Volume Nebulizer. 500cc. 50ea/CSTeleflex Medical1
HUDS 1734
Nebulizer T Updraft W/7FT TubeUP-Draft II Opti-NEB Nebulizer. W/7FT Tubing AND Mouthpiece. 50ea/CSTeleflex Medical1
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