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Item IDLocationDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
3MCO 90610
Main Warehouse Dres, Tegaderm Foam ADH. 4X4 10/bx3-1/2 Inch X 3-1/2 Inch (8,8CM X 8,8CM) High Foam Adhesive Dressing, Square, Moist Skin Adherence, PAD 2 Inch X 2 10/BX 4BX/CS3M Company10
3MCO 90611
Main Warehouse Dres, Tegaderm Foam ADH. 4x4-1/2" 10/bx 4 Inch X 4-1/2 Inch (10cm X 11cm) Foam Adhesive Dressing, Small Oval, Moist Skin Adherence, PAD Size 2-1/2inch X 3 Inch 10/BX 4BX/CS3M Company10
3MCO 3568
Main Warehouse Dres, Medipore + Pad 6X6 25/bx 6 Inch X 6 Inch (15cm X 15cm) +PAD Soft Cloth Adhesive Wound Dressing, PAD Size 4 Inch X 4-1/2 Inch 25/BX 4BX/CS3M Company25
3MCO 1530-2
Main Warehouse Tape, Micropore Paper 2"x10yd 6rl/bxHypoallergenic Paper Tape, Standard Roll
10bx/CA (A4450)
3M Company6
3MCO 1584
Main Warehouse Dres, Coban Wrap 4"x5yds. 18rl/CASelf-Adherent Wrap, Tan, 18rl/CA (A6454)3M Company1
3MCO 1527-1
Main Warehouse Tape, Transpore Clear 1"x10yd 12rl/bxPlastic Hypoallergenic Porous Tape, Standard Roll 10bx/CA (A4452)3M Company12
3MCO 3346
Main Warehouse Barrier Film No-Sting 1oz Pump 12ea/CA28.0ML Bottle NO Sting Barrier Film 12ea/CA3M Company1
3MCO 90023
Main Warehouse Dres,Tegad ThinHydroco.Oval 5-1/4x6 6/bx4" x 4-3/4" Thin Hydrocolloid Dressing, Oval, Film Border, Overall Size 5-1/4" x 6" 6bx/CA3M Company10
3MCO 2770-2
Main Warehouse Tape, Kind Removal Silicone 2" 6rl/BX2"x 5.5yd Breathable, Hypoallergenic Medical Tape With Silicone Adhesive, Standard Roll 10bx/CA3M Company6
3MCO 3344
Main Warehouse Wipe, Cavilon No-Sting 25/bx1.0ML Wipe NO Sting Barrier Film 4bx/CA3M Company1
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